About innovLytics

Our Vision / Mission

​innovLytics vision is to deliver innovative analytics on our customer’s data generated anywhere in the cloud, data center, client, and edge devices.

Executive Team

Sunil Kulkarni – Founder, President & CEO

Sunil is Management leader with extensive cross-functional experience. He has expertise in building technology groups that focus on integrating SW/HW products delivering innovative solutions focused on Data Center, Cloud, IoT and Analytics with use of new technologies including Open Source Software. Sunil held Senior leadership positions for 17 years at Intel Corporation. At Intel Sunil was Director, WW Big Data Pre Sales Engineering and created Big Data Pre Sales Engineering, Big Data Systems Integration Engineering and Big Data Competency Center.  He promoted Open Source Technologies with Customers, Partners and OEMs.  Sunil was responsible for Intel’s success at Wall Street firms when he created and lead the WW Financial Services Engineering team. Sunil also lead strategic joint engagement with Dreamworks and also won first movie credit for Intel for advances in S3D entertainment.  Prior to Intel, Sunil was Director of Technical Support at Digital Equipment Corporation.  Sunil founded innovLytics, Inc with his Big Data Analytics and Financial Services Engineering teams after taking early retirement from Intel. He is also recipient of Intel Encore Fellowship and is helping a local Non-Profit organization with innovative Data Organization and analytics ideas.

Weihan Lin – Director of Software Development

Weihan is a Big Data solution architect with over 6 years experience in the Hadoop ecosystem. His past experiences includes database management, data warehousing and data mining. He is currently focusing on machine learning, predictive analytics and streaming analytics with applications in banking, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

DR. MOHAMED MEKIAS – Director of Technology

Mohamed is an accomplished IT professional with 20+ years of expertise helping companies design, develop, and promote sophisticated new technologies and computing products to customers around the globe. He has a unique background that spans senior level communication and presentation skills, rich technical background combined with rigorous PhD in mathematics from MIT. Established credibility in a wide range of cutting-edge technology fields including AI & deep learning, blockchain technologies, algorithmic trading, OpenMP, Message Passing Interface (MPI) and CUDA. He connects effectively with top corporate leaders and CIO/CTO audiences to propose solutions and negotiate potential technology partnerships.

John O'Neill, Ph.D. – Director of Machine Learning / Deep Learning

John has over 25 years experience developing high performance C++ and Fortran applications using SIMD vectorization and multi-threading.  John worked on HPC software toolchain for 17 years and has given numerous talks at international conferences on high performance computing, multi-threading, compilers and performance analysis tools for optimizing applications.  John's current interests include Machine Learning and Deep Learning.  John is the primary author on seven academic publications, and a co-author on over 200 publications in peer reviewed journals.  He has a Ph.D. from the University at Albany. 

At innovLytics, we value​

  • Our customers​
  • Dedication to every customer’s success​
  • Commitment to excellence​
  • Disciplined approach​
  • Always learn, innovate and integrate for our company and the world
  • Our personal responsibility in all relationships.
  • Collaborate internally and externally​