innovLytics Analytics Platform

Turn Raw Data into Useful Insights

  • innovLytics Analytics Platform integrates structured and unstructured data and creates intuitive actionable insight and foresight.
  • Select your data sources
  • Define your data integration and transformations without coding
  • innovLytics generates integration and analysis services
  • Connect to analysis services using Excel or innovLytics frontend
  • Deploy with a click
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Build BI and Analytics Infrastructure

Our platform does the heavy lifting of integrating the data and creating the analysis services, ready for analysis.

Data Trust Assurance

Understand data quality, develop data quality procedures, address the data gaps.

Descriptive Analytics

Get benchmarking, KPIs and drill downs. Gain granular visibility across all systems through visualization.

Advanced Diagnostics

Perform root-cause analysis, what-if scenarios, and rapid diagnostics. Run faster aggregated reports on business operations.

Predictive Modeling

Combining prepared data, predictive algorithms, and proprietary features, we help you build unique predictive models.