Professional Services

Big Data and Data Analytics Enablement Services

Our experts will guide you in your Big Data / Data Analytics journey

  • Big Data / Data Analytics advisory
  • Certified, knowledgeable and experienced team to help you
  • Expertise in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing and many industrial segments – We have worked on many use cases in each of these segments and bring wealth of knowledge
  • We understand your business needs and can design / develop / implement either canned or custom build the solutions to enable you on your Big Data / Data Analytics needs
  • Our training can help you in every step of the way – whether you are a novice or a seasoned IT professional

Cloud Support Services

  • Migration Services - Migrate from on-prem to Cloud.  Migrating Cloud is a big undertaking – let our experts help you get there
  • Developer Services - Develop Solutions on all major Cloud Service providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Oracle Cloud
  • Support Services – on site or remote support, 24x7 in all GEOs
  • Managed Services – Provide *aaS on various platforms: SaaS, PaaS, DCaaS via working with our partner sites

Optimization Services

We help you optimize your application on or off-prem to run at its best on a given platform

  • Optimize at Platform Level
  • Optimize at Application Level
  • Optimize at Micro-Architecture Level
  • Iterate this process to maximize application performance

Integration Services

  • Our integration experts help you develop your solution architecture via integrating the best Hardware, Software and Infrastructure components
  • Examples: SAP-HANA & Hadoop integration, SPARK, Streaming SQL, Docker Containers, and Power-BI
  • Develop innovative solutions to solve your business problems

Reference Architectures

  • Our Solution Architects can assist in creating a reference architecture to solve your business problems
  • Reference architectures expertise in Energy, Healthcare, Oil Exploration and distribution, Retail, Financial Services, and other industry vertical segments