Expert Training

Big Data / Data Analytics Training

  • Our experts will train you in Big Data / Data Analytics
  • Expertise in Financial Services, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Energy, and Manufacturing.  We have worked on many use cases in these segments and bring wealth of knowledge
  • Optimizing data analytics algorithms with the Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL)
  • Optimizing Deep Learning frameworks – Caffe and TensorFlow
  • Power Machine Learning with Intel Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi Processors

Optimization Training

Our training will show you how to optimize your application to run at its best on any platform.  Training covers:

  • Optimization toolkit: profiling tools, compilers including advanced optimization options and high performance libraries.
  • How to optimize at the Platform Level
  • How to optimize at the Application Level
  • How to optimize at Micro-Architecture Level

High Performance Software Development

  • Software Tools Suite to maximize performance
  • Driving Parallel Programming Forward with OpenMP
  • Parallel Programming with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
  • Best Practices with Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL)
  • Best Practices for Vectorization – Parallelism with SIMD
  • GCC and Intel Compiler support for new C++ standards